Edinburgh, Scotland

According to my last post, I wrote something along the lines of I went to Edinburgh for a day. Let’s just say Edinburgh is one of the most beautiful cities I have seen in the UK so far. With all of its old architecture in place it is what makes Edinburgh beautiful.

The train journey from Newcastle to Edinburgh station was quite a nice journey. Having the train travel on the coast line and seeing the sun rise for the first time, it actually woke me up from my nap I was having on the train. It was just one of those rare moments which you had to watch. When I got to Edinburgh train station, I’m not going to lie but I did get lost on how to get out. Also the most tourist thing I did do was go cash machine and get Scottish money out.

The one thing I know from my experiences is that I meet really nice friendly people. And I met some in Edinburgh. They were genuinely lovely people. They were so helpful; they directed me to the right medicine for the cough even though I may not have understood the sales assistant’s accent. I swear Scottish people know when you’re not from Scotland, because I know we have different accents but they can also tell you’re not dressed for the weather. I got recommended to go to New Look since it had a 50% sale on its coats and jackets. The great thing is I didn’t even know they had the sale on till the shop assistant at Boots indicated it.

Once I was finally out of the station and got myself a jacket; let me tell you it is freezing up north. FREEZING! Okay, maybe I am exaggerating but it is colder than what I am used to. Nevertheless, you know when you say Scotland and I think about food the first thing that comes to my mind is the shortbread biscuits. They’re so nice to have with tea. And I was in the perfect place to buy them. The cashier lady was nice, she recommend what places to check out. She said I was lucky on the day I came, because the cannon ball was going to drop from Edinburgh Castle. Guess what. Your response what? Well I heard no cannon ball, I was told no matter where I was I would hear it. Lies I tell you. Lies. Or maybe the crowd was too loud and I didn’t hear it. However, I did visit the castle from the outside as it cost to go inside, and as a student I wasn’t going to pay.

The other place I visited was the museum. The museum was humungous. It was so big. It had so much stuff in it. The museum actually reminded me of the film ‘Night of the Museum.’ The museum is split in two sections. One section had all of Scotland’s history and the other section had skeletons of dinosaurs, life like animals, space and how technology has changed by the decade. I think it has to be my favourite museum of all time. I just really wished I had more time to spend in there.
I also saw Scotland’s parliament. I got to say it’s a pretty cool looking building. Not old as England’s House of Parliament since Scotland’s was recently built. It is just cool. You just have to go inside yourself and see the differences between the parliaments. It is just so more modern and up to date. The weird thing about it was that no one faces each other but all sit facing forward to the high Lord.

A bit of advice, you can’t do everything in one day. It is too much. There were still so many things I wanted to see and explore. I know next time I come to Edinburgh I plan on staying for a week. I want to go to a gig, go out at night and taste the alcohol. The great thing about Scotch whiskey is it’s more pure than 40%. You could get 55% and higher. I know I’ve mentioned alcohol in last few posts, but hey I’m 19, a student I’m exploring the world and I need to know what tastes good. I think if I was to move anywhere else in the UK it would be Edinburgh. It’s just a perfect place for me.

To Do: Edinburgh Castle, Scotland’s Parliament, Museum.

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