I love visiting new cities and just meeting new people. Isn’t that what life is truly about? Seeing new cities and meeting new people. I’m currently 19 and I have my whole life ahead of me. And I’ve just started university.

I’m from Leicester originally. Where is Leicester? Between Nottingham and Birmingham, in the middle of the two. I always have hated this city. Why? I guess I hate it when things are too familiar. I always need a break from it. Something new. Something fresh. The only thing I couldn’t get from Leicester was that adrenaline of seeing something new, that fear of being lost and never being found. It isn’t a bad city, it’s decent. We have a shopping mall. We have food chain outlets like McDonalds, KFC, Subway, Nandos and the list goes on. I think we only have one Burger King but hey who eats Burger King, it cost an arm or a leg nowadays.

You say Leicester, I say home. It’s where I was where I was bred and born. Now I’m not saying I won’t return to it. I will of course, I’m like a bird. And swallows always return home. I’m not saying I’m a swallow. I just love birds in general. They can fly anywhere they want to. They just have complete freedom. And I guess I etch for that.

Anyways back to Leicester. We have Guildhall. It’s been on “Most Haunted.” There is a belief that there is ghosts, a black cat on the stairs, a monk in one of the room and I think that’s it. This is all from my knowledge or of what I can remember. It was used as a jury room. I have to say the glass stained windows are really beautiful and the architectural aspects of the building are still the same since being built.

I guess the bustle and hustle of the city I do like, but I don’t. There is large TV screen in the middle of the town centre. Well the reason the council says it up is purely to update people on news and show what Leicester is doing. I remember from the world cup, it was Spain vs. Switzerland; you’d have people sit on the floor watching the match. Of course I did that, one of my best friends is a Spain supporter. Even when England played, people gathered in front of that screen, it just bought the community together. Even though people were fenced in, it bought them together, and nothing beats feeling like a caged chicken.

Let’s not forget Leicester’s parks. The ones I like are Abby Park and Bradgate Park. My favourite park is of course is Bradgate Park. You have the wildlife, the small waterfalls and it’s just pretty. If you want to go for nice walk, Bradgate Park is the one. You see deers and peacocks. The one thing I really want to do; is go to the highest hill where Lady Jane Grey’s castle use to be and sit there at night, watch the stars, see the sun rise and sun set. Bradgate Park is one of the parks which is still naturally preserved.

I say I hate Leicester, but I haven’t given a real reason. It’s not because of the people, even though we are known to be the most multicultural city in the UK. It’s not because there isn't anything to do. Leicester has history and it is fascinating, but Leicester isn't my city. It may be home for now, but it’s not mine. It’s not lack of shops. I guess it’s a personal thing. Leicester is beautiful, it is big, but it doesn’t feel like home. Yes I know I’m saying it is home but it doesn't feel like home. It doesn’t have the home vibe. Its not mine.

To do: Shopping in city centre, see Guildhall, go Bradgate Park. Nightlife is best on Fridays and Saturdays.