Okay, so right now I’m at university. I go to University of Lincoln. Yes, I know what you’re going to say; it was on The InBetweeners movie. The university is a decent university. It has been moving up in the university league table in the past two years and is current No.67. So really it’s doing well.

When I first came to Lincoln, it was in 2010 I think and it was for an open day. I remember coming with one of my best friends who now attends this university as well. By the way warning for people that plan on catching a train from Leicester to Lincoln, it will kill you. It takes nearly two hours and nearly stops at every stop. There are no plug sockets to charge your electricals and no food services. Anyways, stepping off the platform and walking to the town centre I notice the rail track goes through the city. Don’t worry they have barriers for when the train is about to go past. So, it is a smaller city compared to Leicester. However, the one thing I felt, which I didn’t feel in Leicester was it felt safe. It felt homely.

Lincoln’s not a big city, but it isn’t small either. You have the Greggs, the Primark, the WH SMITH, Waterstones, Tescos so really Lincoln does have the basics covered. The only thing Lincoln doesn’t have is a H&M. That is the only thing I am deprived of, but touch wood; rumour has it Lincoln maybe opening one soon. For the fashion fanatics; Lincoln does have Top Shop, River Island and House of Fraser. I guess if you really want to go shopping, you’d have to visit the boutiques. If you walk up further on the High Street, you have the pubs, streets leading to the clubs and the little boutique shops. They are small shops, but they have really nice stuff that you know you won’t get in the High Street shops. My favourite shop in Lincoln has to be Goodies. Goodies is your good old fashioned sweet shop, it has little gift packages with sweets ranging from 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and 00s. The place has sweet jars all around with different sweets in and candy canes hanging off the ceiling. But my favourite part is when I pay every time, I love the vintage till. And the owner is so friendly to talk to as well, so really Lincoln does have friendly people.

Now the thing Lincoln is known for Steep Hill or as I like to think ‘Survival of the Unfittest.’ And why would you trouble yourself of going up there, well the beautiful Lincoln Cathedral. It’s a majestic cathedral. Breath-taking. Beautiful. Architecture has not at all been changed. There is a bus that takes you there, but everyone has to experience Steep Hill. You need to visit the boutiques, tea rooms, pubs all on the way up. Don’t worry when you do get up Steep Hill, there is more than the cathedral, there you have more shops and the information centre for tourists. I think it’s a bit idiotic for where the information centre is; I think they need a new location.

So I say visit Lincoln, you could probably visit it all in one day. There are things I dislike, but if I think about it I don’t hate this city. I feel comfortable staying here. It’s a beautiful city. Best of all I can walk everywhere since everything is in walking distance. This city makes me happy and for now I am happy to call it my home. It’s my temporary home, but it’s mine. That’s what you need when you’re away from your city you have originally come from.

To do: Visit Steep Hill, go to Goodies. Recommended night club is Home.