Surrey, Vancouver, British Columbia

Okay, so I have travelled to quite a few places. One of the places I truly want to talk about right now is Vancouver, Canada. I went to Vancouver in summer 2011. I didn’t go because I didn’t have anything to do; I went because it was my Cousin Pam’s wedding and I missed my cousins. I have always told Pam, I’m only going to come to Vancouver if you’re getting married. And she did last year. The wedding went well, if you were wondering. She looked stunning on her wedding day; it had been over five years since I saw all my cousins. So yeah it had been a long time.

The flight took me eight hours and the worst thing is I had drunk alcohol a day before. I tried new drinks that I never had before, like Tequila and Long Island. Very much to my taste spuds didn’t like them. I wanted to throw up but couldn’t. And I had an upset stomach all the way till I got to my uncle’s house in Surrey. And I slept soon as I got there because I wasn’t feeling well and when I woke up, I threw up. I guess the moral of that was don’t drink two days before you are going on an eight hour flight and a four hour drive. Or just stick to your usual drinks. Yes, I have learnt my lesson.

I remember coming out of the airport in Vancouver and across the airport there were trees. Big trees like they had been there over hundreds of years. Yes I am a nature lover. If I could hug the tree I would have. I guess that’s one of the aspects I liked Canada, it’s just so green and beautiful. So I have stated I was in Vancouver, but specifically I was staying in Surrey, British Columbia(B.C).

The biggest irony I found in Surrey was White Rock. White Rock is a beach, which has a White Rock on its shores. From what I have been told, when travellers of the sea came, they had bought a White Rock. Let’s say the ‘council’ did leave the actual White Rock, but of course people wanted to take it home, so they’d chip some off. The reason I say irony, because now the replacement is a massive rock that is painted white. People write on it, but all the ‘council’ will do is paint over it. They did have pier which was nice to walk on to the end and then see people jump off and then swim back on. I remember during my stay in Surrey, that oil was spilt accidently and it was contaminated. I remember seeing the disgusting water and how oil was washing upon the shores. I felt sorry for the creature of the ocean that felt their home being invaded by the substance. Also at White Rock there are railway tracks which I think was cool.

Then there is Grouse Mountain. You could both walk up the mountain and have the chance to see bears or get the skyride to the top. I took the skyride which you do have to pay for, but the stunning sights you see while going up is just breath-taking beautiful. I remember going through the clouds and being so high up, it didn’t scare you but seeing a stunning view made you forget about it. There is a lot to do on Grouse Mountain; you could zip line, watch a bird show, see the bears, watch the Lumberjack Show, paraglide, take a helicopter ride and just walk around. You could see a whole city from the top and the giant white clouds.

I did also visit downtown. It is for those who love to shop, you have big brands, small brands and Starbucks on every street. I would say I went to downtown for the Olympic Torch for when the Olympics happened in Vancouver. And I also saw the building for the Olympics. Torch is impressive architecture let’s see if London can beat it.

The one thing I really disliked about Vancouver was I couldn’t walk to the shops; you’d have to get a form of transport. Since I was in Surrey for three weeks, I didn’t want to get lost because I know I would. Apart from that I fell in love with Vancouver. Just being able to watch the sunset from the beach while having delicious ice-cream from the ice-cream parlour was nice. I tried root beer, it’s a no go. Their McDonalds is definitely different to ours. They have McChicken Sandwich Mayo in a sauce packet. You could get twice the size Big Mac that we get here; it was a heart attack in a bun. However, best of all refillable drinks which they should bring out here in the UK.

I guess if I had the chance to live in Vancouver I would, but remember the whole swallows like to fly back home. I think I could do it for a year. I love my cousins and I know I’d have a blast if I actually lived there. With Seattle just across the border to visit in the States, it would be amazing. It’s just so nature friendly, it did feel like home. I do miss it. I really can’t wait to go back. Touch wood, I’ll be spending summer 2012 there again.

To Do: White Rock beach, Grouse Mountain, Malls, Olympic torch. If you have a chance go to Seattle its only across the border.

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