Yeah, I know when you think of Birmingham it’s the accents. The horrid Birmingham accents. Sorry Birmingham, but you got to admit the accents are horrid. It’s brash, heavy and just plain annoying. But as a city you’re great, it’s just the accents.

Birmingham is one of your prime locations to visit like London and Manchester. Birmingham is known for its humungous shopping centre called The Bullring. Yes I have got lost. And it is really hard to find the toilets. Well from Leicester it takes 40 minutes to travel by train and 1 hour by car. Is it worth the travel to Birmingham? Yes it actually is, if you’re a shopping fanatic. They have shops like Selfridges, New Look, HMV, Blue Banana; just your usual high street stores that you can get anywhere, but also shops that you would only find available in big cities like London, Manchester and Newcastle. Then outside of the shopping centre, there are more retail shops! For shopping fanatic this is a dream. Near all the shops there is the iconic Bull. And this is where Bullring has probably got its name from I think.

I remember from my long weekend in Birmingham, I had stayed in Travelodge which was located in China Town. I had Bullring up the street and the O2 Academy was a five minute walk. First of all China Town is amazing. I was just so amused by this one shop called Mr. Egg. Mr.Egg’s logo was an egg with arms and legs attached to it; I don’t even think it sold Chinese. I think it sold kebabs, pizza and chips. In China Town they do have the best Chinese I have ever tasted, I know should have expected as it was in China Town. It was cheap, customer service was nice, it was delicious and worth every penny. I forgot what it is called, but soon as I find out I shall let you know.

For a night out, if you’re into your mainstream music go to Broad Street. Broad Street is where the bars and clubs are. If you are worried about safety, I shall tell you a secret I was once told by a security guard. The secret was in each club on Broad Street there are at least five undercover police officers, as well as bouncers outside and police keeping the streets safe. However, I’d still say try and be safe if you are on Broad Street. If you’re into you rock music, ‘The Asylum’ is the one and the only club to go to. The club is in an abandoned warehouse and the bar staff are dressed up as nurses and doctors. There are two rooms; one room is a small bar area with retro gaming and the second room is the dance floor with a main bar and shot bar. On Saturdays they have special DJ sets which are one of the busiest days. If you’re thinking to go on a Friday, then don’t even bother. With only about thirty people it’s just useless for a night out, but at least there is no queue at the bar.
I travel because I want to see the world. One of my passions is going to gigs and
seeing bands perform. I have always attended the O2 Academy for gigs in Birmingham. I’ve been to Kerrang! Tour 2010, Kerrang! Tour 2011 and been to see All Time Low and The Maine. It’s a great place to go for gigs, but not going for an alcoholic drink. The O2 Academy will rob you of your money.

I like Birmingham, because it’s a main city for where gigs happen, but since I’m from Leicester I can’t even stay till the end of a gig because I have a train to catch. So if you’re going to attend a gig, stay overnight. I’ve always hated going halfway through the headlining act, because I mainly went for the headliner. However, I do love Krispe Kreme Doughnuts. They are magical and Birmingham does them. Apart from that, I hate shopping with a passion so for me Birmingham is only good in its gig department.

To Do: Bullring. For a night out Broad Street or The Asylum.

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